Making a Website Visible

Local seo guide

Looking for tips on how to optimize a website? If you’re going to be making the website one of the most important things to think about is making your website search engine friendly. The correct term for this is search engine optimization. This is a method of making your website more visible in search engines when people search for certain word. It’s a great marketing tool for many online businesses. Making an SEO friendly website design is important for generating maximum traffic. Let’s go over a few SEO techniques.

Keywords First of all, when you are marketing a new website, you need to understand the importance of keywords. Keywords are such an important part of creating an SEO friendly website design. If you are not using the correct keywords, your target audience may completely overlook you. First of all, establish what the business objectives are. This will help you pick the correct and specific keywords. What you can do before anything is, create a list of keywords that are relevant to your business but not used very often. Then, put those words into a keyword research tool. After this you can finalize your keyword list based on the research that comes back. Lastly, prepare them to lunch. Typically, you want to go for three or four relevant keywords per page.

In order for your website to successfully meld with a search engine you must explain what the specific page is about. Getting the keywords in the right places on the right pages is important but try not to make it so obvious. Some good places to place keywords is in the title tag, the website slogan, breadcrumb trails, internal links, URLs, file and folder names and in the meta description.

Navigation One of the main keys to SEO marketing is having simple navigation. Basically this means making a structure that our search engine can pick up easily. For example, search engines are not able to find websites easily when links become images instead of text. Try to avoid using JavaScript because search engines find it complicated to understand. Advanced scripting languages don’t work very well either because most people search the web from their mobile device

URL A professional website should be able to have a URL quickly identified by a search engine. Make your URL friendly to search engine visibility. Your URL should have a good selection of rich keywords without overdoing it.

Images Images play a very important role in the SEO process. Your images must have fast loading times and adequate search engine visibility by keeping the file size small. Anywhere from 32-100 kB with the best resolution at 72 dpi is optimal. Your images should be in context with your website. Having relevant text around your image will get you better results. Also make sure your images are in a folder named “images” or something like this so that the URL of the image shows that it is looking at a picture.

Social media The last important factor in creating an SEO friendly website design is social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media outlets are rapidly gaining popularity and could help your brand incredibly. Used correctly they will give you exposure and help build a community of clients and gain credibility.