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Small business seo services

It takes a lot to compete with other businesses in this increasingly online world. Consider, according to Gartner, spending on digital marketing campaigns has increased many times over in the last few years, signaling that being online is increasingly the best way to find success in the modern age of commerce. Unfortunately, if you’re a small business owner, you can often feel as though you don’t have the money, personnel, or knowledge to compete with your bigger competitors on the worldwide web. However, if you learn to find the right small business SEO company, you can take advantage of the latest search engine optimization strategies, without worrying about breaking the bank.

Four Tips for Choosing a Small Business SEO Company

  1. They Make Analytics a Priority
  2. More than anything else, effective SEO is a numbers game. How much time is being put into a piece of content versus the amount of traffic you’re generating from it? What are your most effective styles of content marketing? A company that comes to the table with an exhaustive analytics program can show you where you’re going wrong, and they can take the necessary steps to make a course correction before it’s too late.

  3. Ask About Their Experience in Your Field
  4. As Google suggests in “Do you need an SEO,” one of the best ways to find a small business SEO company is by looking for those that specialize in your particular industry. While it’s true that a generalist may be able to provide you with a solid campaign, those specializing in your field know what customers are looking for from a company like yours, and that can translate directly to increased traffic and sales.

  5. Don’t Choose SEO Services Based on Their PageRank
  6. The top three spots in Google search result pages are as good as gold. After all, 75% of web users never go beyond the first page of results, let alone the top three. That being the case, many see an SEO company listed in the top spots and assume they must be a great company. However, as Forbes writes, it’s too often the case that an SEO company is given that spot simply because they have an old website. Legacy pages earn a lot of credibility from Google, meaning they earn their placement based off of age, not the quality of SEO. Look beyond PageRank to find an affordable SEO company you can trust.

  7. You Need Transparency
  8. As Search Engine Watch writes, few things are as important when choosing an SEO firm as finding one that offers transparency in everything it does. What methods are they using to build and promote content for your business? What sort of quality assurance do they offer? Link placement strategies, syndication information, content sources: you need to know about all of these things to make sure your SEO service is only strengthening your business. Transparency, in other words, is crucial to the health of your company online.

Are you a digital marketer? What other tips would you give business owners on finding a small business SEO company? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! Continue.