Long Live Your Remote Control!

Sharp remote control replacement

There is nothing worse than non-working TV remote controls, especially when you have worked all day, and look forward to coming home and relaxing with your favorite TV show.

You probably never think that you will need TV remote replacement, but unfortunately, remotes do occasionally kick the bucket, or simply malfunction.

Here are some of the most common problems with TV remote controls, and what you can do about them.

  • No Light Up. If you have a newer TV, your remote will likely come with buttons that are translucent, or one that has a place for the infrared to signal that it is working. But there may be times when you press the power button, or try to change the channel, and you notice that nothing is lighting up. If the buttons are no longer in contact with the internal circuit board, you may not see a light. You can try replacing the batteries, but if that doesn’t work, open the remote and try dusting out the insides. If this is a no-go, you may have to look up replacement remote controls.
  • Nothing’s Happening. If you have the TV on, and you are trying to change the channels, but you are getting no response from your TV, you may want to check that it’s on the right setting. Many people have satellite remotes that control their satellite, as well as their TV’s functioning, and if you accidentally press the “TV” option on your remote, your channels won’t budge. The reason for this could be that your remote is trying to communicate with your TV instead of your satellite. Check to make sure that the “satellite” button is highlighted, then try again.
  • Slow Response. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to change the channel, and it just takes too long. Even if you are pressing hard on the button, it doesn’t necessarily speed up the process. The reason for this could simply be old batteries, or wear and tear on your remote. There could also be something in between your remote’s infrared and the TV that is blocking the signal, making it hard for the remote to communicate with the receiver on your TV.

While changing the battery is probably the most effective solution for your original TV remotes, you may need to buy replacement remote controls every now and then — it’s not that expensive, and you won’t need to miss any of your favorite shows. Continue reading here.