IT Services And Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity can be defined as technologies, processes and practices that protect networks, computers, programs and data from unauthorized access, attack, or damage. Commonly referred to as hacking, unauthorized access is a common cybersecurity risk, and a legitimate fear for most computer owners and users. A recent Gallup poll reports that 70 percent of Americans worry that hackers will steal their credit card numbers from retailers, and 63 percent worry that hackers will target their personal devices; the same poll reports that approximately 30 percent of those people?s fears were realized; 27 percent of Americans have been victims of credit card information theft; 11 percent have had other types of unauthorized access to their computer or smartphone. The unfortunate truth is that, annually, there are almost 90 million cybersecurity events, with up to 70 percent of attacks going undetected. The odds are that you will, at some point, face a cybersecurity risk, and it?s best to be prepared.

One of the best ways to be prepared for a cybersecurity event is to make sure all your files are backed up in multiple locations. Remember the ?3-2-1? rule: three copies of the most important files, two different formats, and at least one off-site or cloud backup. While this may be common knowledge, many people don?t take the time to follow it. Surprisingly, 60 percent of American businesses say they store backups in only one location; while a growing number are using cloud services for storage, many have not done so yet. It?s somewhat time consuming, particularly to work retroactively on files that were never backed up, which is why many people and businesses don?t do it. But IT services can help with this, among many other services.

Currently, one of the worst cybersecurity threats facing computer owners is ransomware. Ransomware is exactly what it sounds like: a malware that locks a computer system until a payment is made. It is usually downloaded through no fault of the user; they unknowingly visit a compromised or malicious site, or open an email laced with a virus. Before they know it, the screen is locked, and a message requiring payment in order to unlock, and in some cases, maintain privacy of, the files. And as many have discovered, payment does not guarantee access to the system.

Along with ransomware and other cybersecurity scams, there are many risks out there that threaten the privacy and ownership of your personal information and more. While there are little tips, such as multiple backups and not opening unidentified emails, it?s very difficult to keep up with the types of risks and their advised protections. This is why IT services are so important, especially for small businesses.
In regards to cybersecurity, IT consulting provides risk assessment and quantification, prioritizing of critical files and processes, risk remediation, and industry specific transformations. Upgrades, networking, firewalls, installation, removal ? and integrated backup?are all among the services most small businesses need IT support for when it comes to security. Whether a one-time overhaul or extended managed IT services, it is vital that professional attention be paid to one?s cybersecurity package, whether for personal or business contexts.