Is SMS Advertising The Way Of The Future?

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What is a bulk SMS business? SMS is an acronym for short message service. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually something that most of us use every single day: text messages. More specifically, business SMS service providers typically help companies — large and small — reliably and efficiently tackle mobile advertising. Here are just a few ways that mobile advertising and premium SMS services can help boost your company sales.

In-Store Touch Points

Mobile coupons as well as text reminders of promotions and sales can be very effective; they are even more effective if shoppers see them while they are in or near-by your store. If you have a brick-and-mortar store or office building, consider using SMS messaging services and applications that take users’ location into account. In-store advertisements or in-store promotional reminders are more relevant than other mobile ads, they annoy consumers less, and they often motivate more consumers to actually make a purchase. In fact, three-quarters of consumers say that they would prefer to receive a text message with a coupon or discount over other forms of mobile advertising (such as an in-browser advertisement), according to Digital Marketing Magazine.

The New Age Of Customer Loyalty Programs

SMS, including bulk SMS business services, aren’t necessarily as straightforward as people think. A lot of business owners assume that SMS advertising entails texts with promotions, discounts, or the occasional mobile coupon, and that’s it. That’s not necessarily true. Age-old customer loyalty programs can now be executed in new and exciting ways. Instead of relying on a physical loyalty card and a system of points that can be difficult for customers to keep track of, using SMS to manage these programs can be much more efficient. Consumers can text to see just how many points they have, they can text to enter contests and participate in promotions, and more.

SMS solutions may seem fairly straightforward — with only 160 characters to work with at a time. In reality, there is a lot of untapped potential there, and businesses can get ahead by doing what they can to reach customers in new ways, or specifically through SMS.