Install Closed-Circuit Television Systems Without Alienating Your Workers

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More and more companies are turning to in house security systems to prevent theft and monitor employees. Productivity has been shown to go up by 80% when companies have a closed-circuit television system installed. It also help eliminate loses and does actually prevent theft. It has been reported, by the United States Chamber of Commerce that somewhere between $20 billion and $40 billion are lost each year due to employee theft. Because companies can now get a closed-circuit television system with a resolution of between 720 and 1080 dpi, more are starting to get them at a faster rate.

If you want to get one for your business you have to be careful to do it the right way and to work with and not against your employees. They have rights but also you could end up with an entire staff that resents you and gets nothing done. Even if you have some employees who steal, you need your staff to be on your side to get anything done.

How to Work with Your Employees When You Install Surveillance Systems:

Talk to your staff before you install the closed-circuit television system. In some companies, these make a whole lot of sense than in others. If you run a convenience store and have a problem with theft from customers or staff, your employees will understand. They may even appreciate it. In other businesses, such as a manufacturing plant, their presence may be confusion by them being there. On both cases, you should gather your staff together and discuss your concerns about security and tell them your video security is one of the security solutions you are considering and explain to them your reasons for this. Make this a real dialogue with you and them. Make sure they know that you are not questioning their loyalty to you or to their jobs. This importance of this can not be stressed enough.

Work with them on the camera placement. Get their input for the best places in your business to place the system. They may have noticed things that you have not and be able to give you valuable insights into what they notice around your business. The main reason you are getting the video surveillance system is because you cannot see everything going on all the time. Your employees are another bunch of sets of eyes watching over your business when you are not around. Rely on their information and use it when making your decisions about the placement of your cameras..

Pay very close attention to your employees’ privacy rights. While you do have the legal right to use video surveillance to monitor your business and your employees, there are limits on your right to do this. There are specific areas and thing you are not allowed to video. It should go without saying that this includes any restrooms or changing rooms or anything like that. State laws vary on the next thing you need to be careful about doing. If the closed-circuit television system you install has sound recording as a feature, you could get yourself into trouble. In many places this is considered wiretapping and is against the law. If you are just using it to prevent theft and make sure your employees are working, it should not matter what they are saying. The best thing to do is just to not get audio recordings.

A big reason closed-circuit television systems work so very well is that they deter the acts you are trying to deter. The point of that is you do not need to listen in on conversations or record people every single moment of the day to make the system work for you.

You can go about this in a way that upsets everyone and does not meet your goals and makes productivity so that you lose money and your bottom line is hurt or you can go another way. By making your staff a part of the decision making process in the installation process, you can achieve exactly what you want without upsetting everyone who works for you.