Information Technology Can Bring Businesses Great Challenges

When you want to make a career in information technology, you can look into information technology consulting as well as all computer jobs that use these skills. The first step is often to take a basic information technology course to get a better idea about what the career is all about. You can also learn more about the various careers that involve digital technology. When you pursue more education about this field, make sure that you go to a certified website that can offer you a helpful course of study.

If you are interested in this field, it’s helpful to get as much education as you can. This will make you more attractive to prospective employers. The field is wide open as far as job openings with more jobs being created in the industry every year. Many companies are having trouble finding enough workers to fill the available jobs, so salaries tend to be high in the industry. Getting certified in information technology is a great way to prove that you have the right set of skills for the job. When you get the skills you need and practice those skills, you will be able to work in a number of different careers.


You don’t have to go back in time very far before you encounter a world where information technology was much less depended upon than it is today. The growth of technology and they way we rely on it, even take it for granted, has put our world in a place where its reliability can mean the difference between economic stability and devastating financial losses.

One of the most troubling aspects of information technology services for businesses today is keeping control of data. Whether it’s a power outage or theft, data can be lost in an instant, costing thousands and even millions of dollars. Studies show that there are an average of 16,856 attacks on companies every year, resulting in significant data breaches. With every data breach, companies are forced to shell out money to repair damage to many areas of their business. In terms of percentages, companies will pay on average 29% of their funds on brand management and reputation repair, 21% on lost productivity, 19% on lost revenue, 10% of funds on technical support, and 8% on compliance regulatory costs.

Having a security system in place for data loss prevention has become paramount for today’s businesses. If a data breach were to occur, information leakage is the greatest vulnerability. It accounts for 55% of the data hacks out there. Business security systems compete with hackers in an ongoing battle for information, be it business secrets, employee information or customer credit cards and other personal data. In 2013 alone, 43% of companies reported a data breach of some kind.

In addition to hackers, power outages of one form or another create problems for companies relying on technology. The cost for power outages in the U.S. alone is 80 million dollars each year. A disaster recovery plan can be very beneficial for companies trying to control their financials. With disaster back up plans in place, the economic loss could be greatly reduced. Not only will information be protected, down time can be reduced as well. According to a USA Today survey of 200 data center managers, over 80% of the managers reported that the company’s downtime costs surpassed $50,000 per hour.

Whether it is a power outage or an illegal hack, when data gets lost, it’s big trouble for a business. You need someone to call who can retrieve that lost data and get your company back on its feet. Short power outages, which occur relatively regularly, can sneak up on a business and paralyze it. To put a number on it, power outages can cost a company between $104 billion and $164 billion. Making sure you’re prepared will be the one thing you do to save your company the most money every year.

Information technology is at the center of how we do business in the 20th century. Being integrated with a proper security system, utilizing cloud backup storage, keeping a handle on lost productivity time and preparing for inevitable hard drive crashes and the like will allow your business to flourish. When you are certain that you have your information technology services well in hand, you can get back to what it is you do best—serving your customer’s needs.