If You Aren’t Using Social Media, Your SEO Won’t Work

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In an internet-savvy age, you need to work hard to keep your audience’s attention. Not only because of the fast pace of the internet, but also because users catch on pretty quickly when they’re being sold to. Think about it, do you pay attention to “sponsored” results when using a search engine? Probably not, and neither do three quarters of search engine users. A good connection is all about showing genuine interest, and if they think you see them as only an easy click, it’ll be that much harder to gain a loyal customer. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they’re all made to foster personal connections. This is important for big businesses showing they’re approachable and human and for small businesses showing they’re reliable and caring.

But if we’re being realistic, we have to be profit-minded when dealing with any aspect of business. Luckily, these concepts don’t have to be mutually exclusive, especially with the ease of digital media marketing. Social media is all about words, and more companies are catching on t how this connects to the importance of search engine optimization. The two were made for each other, and combining them creates an environment beneficial to both you and your prospective client.

SEO is all about scope and density. Having a lot of content means you cover more ground. Blogs are perfect for maximizing your indexed pages, while posting often catches the attention of internet users. A skillful writer and marketer can weave in your SEO keywords even while charming the masses. A web design company can create an elegant landing site for your business, but a free social media account feels like a person. Users can imagine a human being behind the screen because they, too, use the same platform. Some of the most successful digital media campaigns come from businesses who blog like ordinary people — responsive, a little goofy, opinionated without stepping on toes. In return, 81% of businesses say their blog becomes a crucial asset to their official website.

Broken down into numbers and statistics, SEO looks mechanical and heartless, but it’s all about presentation. Internet ad agencies spend a lot of their time grooming their content to be approachable, and you can use your SEO strategies to double use in the same way through social media. Online culture can be intimidating, but it’s all about starting a conversation. How do you get the best use out of your SEO?