How Technological Advancements Are Changing Your Beauty Routine

Beauty and technology may not seem like two things that go together seamlessly. If you take a second to think about your beauty routine, you’ll see that technology has a huge impact on all aspects of it. In the beauty industry, brands are always working to be the most innovative and competitive. Technology has become essential for this industry to keep growing and providing users useful tools and treatments to enhance their beauty routine. Here are six areas in which technological advancements have impacted your beauty routine.


Dental care has come a long way with the latest technological advancements. There are many options for you to choose from to get the straight, shining smile you deserve.

Straightening Options

The two main options to choose from for teeth straightening are Invisalign and traditional braces.

Traditional braces and braces for adults are metal brackets that are attached to your teeth with adhesive and connected with a wire. There are periodic appointments to tighten the wire to slowly straighten your teeth and adjust your jaw alignment. Traditional braces are the most common choice, but there are a variety of options now available thanks to different technology. For adults that feel uncomfortable having braces, there are clear options made from ceramic that come in different levels of transparency. There are also lingual braces that are simply a metal wire attached to the back of your teeth.

Invisalign braces are clear aligners that are custom made with 3D imaging technology and fit perfectly to the teeth and gums of the user. Similar to how traditional braces are adjusted, the aligners come in a series that slowly straighten your teeth and correct your alignment.

Whitening Options

Most everyone has likely tried traditional whitening strips or whitening toothpaste in their life, but recent technology has brought some new whitening options to the table. Instead of going to your local dentist for LED light whitening, there are easy and fairly inexpensive options you can try from home. Many of the most popular brands have different alternatives, but the basics of home teeth whitening light kit is a light device and a whitening solution that you apply to your teeth. There are a few different types of light options, UV light and blue light. Experts have found that UV light has some risk as it can cause gum irritation and teeth sensitivity. Blue light has no significant damage attached to usage.

Hair Care

Technology has had a huge impact on the hair care industry in the past few years. From different hair tools to medical procedures for hair loss, your hair care routine has definitely been impacted by technology.

Hair Tools

From the days of using a clothing iron to straighten hair, to now, there have been quite a few changes and advancements as far as different hair tools. As of late, many brands have been working on creating hair tools that not only beautifully style your hair but also protect your hair from damaging heat at the same time. One great example of this is Dyson. They have created the Dyson Supersonic blowdryer that is constantly measuring the air temperature, 20 times per second to be exact and controls the temperature to protect your hair from damage. They have also created attachments that can be used to dry your hair faster or get a smoother finish.

Straight irons are notorious for causing serious damage to hair when used consistently. Agave Healing Oil is a company that has focused its branding on restoring your hair to a healthy, beautiful state. They have created a routine that combines a healing oil with a hair straightener with moisture-infusing infrared technology. Users have reported softer hair and no greasy residue from the oil.

Hair Loss Treatment

Whether from medical issues or non-medical reasons, hair loss is a difficult and even embarrassing issue to deal with. Technology has created a few different treatment options for those suffering from this issue. The first and most common type of treatment are products like shampoos and creams or even pills. There are a variety of different brands and products in the market for hair regrowth and while some products work for some people, they may not work for others. The best bet is to work with a doctor and get a prescribed treatment especially for you.

There are also medical procedures individuals can undergo to regain hair after hair loss. One of the most popular procedures is a hair transplant. This is a procedure where hair follicles are removed from other parts of the body and transplanted to the scalp. Another popular option is microblading. This option is used mostly by men but could be used by women as well. Microblading is a tattooing technique that has become popular in recent years. It is done with a tool that has several tiny needles that add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. This option is good for those who have balding patches they want to cover.

Skin Care

Skincare products play a big role in the beauty industry. Almost everyone has some sort of cream or body scrub for skincare in their bathroom. Technology has added some new options to the skincare game.


As Medical technology has become more advanced, botox and other injections have become available for people to use an option for skincare. Botox is a type of protein that is injected into muscles and used mainly to counteract wrinkles and aging lines. When botox is injected, it blocks signals from nerves to muscles which keeps them from being able to contract, which then softens and relaxes wrinkles and lines. A similar treatment being used for severe lines between eyebrows in the xeomin injection. Users have reported that Xeomin injections take effect quicker than botox or other alternatives. Before you chose to use injections for skincare, make sure you have done proper research and found a reliable provider as well as ensuring that you have no allergens. If not, you may be making an emergency visit to an urgent care center.


Technology has made available many home gadgets you can use for skincare. One of the most unique is Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask. This gadget is a full face mask that uses blue and red LED lights to combat breakouts in as little as a week. Experts have confirmed that this is no hoax, the blue and red lights treat acne by killing acne-causing bacteria on the face and reducing inflammation. While the lights are pretty bright, they won’t damage your eyes. To see full benefits, users are recommended to use the mask for six to eight weeks, though some have noticed an improvement in as little as a week.

Another popular gadget for skincare is a microneedle roller. While there are home options for micro-needling, it may be better to turn to a professional for this treatment as the tool and treatment can be potentially dangerous if done incorrectly. Microneedling is a treatment where a tool with small needles is used to prick the skin. This generates new collagen and skin tissue which can make your skin firmer and smoother and also potentially heal scars and close large pores.


Meal Prep

One of the nutritional trends taking the world by storm is meal preparation. This is as simple as it sounds, people preparing meals ahead of time. But it has been a very successful diet plan for many people. For some people, the difficult part of making meals is finding time after a busy day. The best part of meal prep is that part is already done. You spend a few hours one day a week making meals for every other day.


Technological advancements in the food and medical industries have allowed for many new types of supplements. There are plenty of foods in the world that provide fantastic vitamins when consumed but are difficult to get a hold of. One example of this is maqui berries. Maqui berries are are a fruit grown in South America that wouldn’t normally be accessible to those who don’t live where it is grown. It’s been deemed a superfruit due to all the antioxidants it contains as well as it’s positive effects on gut health and eye health. Because of modern technology, you don’t have to have the raw fruit to get these benefits, you can purchase it in the form of organic freeze dried maqui berry powder to add to smoothies, baked goods, and more.


While attending a gym or signing up for a fitness class maybe some of the more popular fitness routines, the past few years have brought about new technology for fitness that will revolutionize the way people exercise.

Exercise Machines

Spin classes have been one of the most popular exercise options for the past few years. It’s a great exercise and can even be fun if you have the right teacher. But not everyone likes to work out in a group setting. That’s where the Peloton bike comes in. It’s a spin bike with an attached screen that plays guided exercises for you. While the price tag is a big one, it’s a great option for people who would rather workout at home or alone.

Another new technological advancement in the fitness world that may have you wondering if you’ve been teleported to the future are exercise mirrors. There are a few different options, but this is basically a gorgeous mirror for your home that can also live streams workouts and hook up to your Bluetooth heart rate monitor. There’s an app you’ll need to download for your phone, which means you don’t have to worry about fingerprints all over your mirror. Again, this equipment has a large price tag, but it has great reviews from users and seems like another great home workout option.

Apps and Videos

Over 3.8 billion people use the internet every day. That’s 40% of the world’s population. So it’s no wonder that the fitness industry has made online options available for exercise. This isn’t necessarily new technology as exercise videos and apps have been around for a while now. But it’s also something that is constantly being upgraded and adapting to the needs of the world. Whether you’re looking for exercise options from home or on the go, fitness apps and videos are the best places to turn to. Thank goodness for modern technology like phones and laptops that make internet access everywhere a reality.

Self Care

Self-care is something that has been heavily promoted and supported as of late. It’s much more than a bubble bath or a movie night once a week. It includes caring for mental health, dealing with stressors and anxiety, giving yourself grace in difficult aspects of your life, and much more. For example, someone who has gone through a difficult challenge in life like a divorce or being laid off from work obviously has a lot of stressors in their life. Self-care for them would look like taking time to relax and think about things other than their current issues. One idea for good self-care treatment is getting an acupuncture procedure. Acupuncture has been proven to reduce stress, headaches, neck and eye tension, and improve mental clarity and energy. Another option is meditation. Thanks to app technology, individuals can find many options for guided meditations or ideas for practice. Regardless of your preferred choice, self-care is arguably one of the most important areas in an individual’s beauty routine and one that has been improved thanks to modern technology.