How Industrial Filtration Can Save Your Business and Your Employees

Dust collector bag material

The industrial age has brought with it the need to manufacture materials by machining them to required specifications through processes like grinding and sanding. What people did not realize at first, was how dangerous the particles resulting from these can be on employee’s health.

The concern here involves airborne dust particles with diameters of 10 micrometers or smaller; these particles are often referred to as PM10. The problem is that these are fragments of material so small, they are able to pass through the throat and nose to eventually reach the lungs. Without good filtration, workers end up breathing in these harmful particles and overtime causing irreparable damage.

After many deaths and diseases were proven to be a direct result of poor filtration systems, every factory began to turn to industrial filters to keep their employees safe and, in turn, prevent the company from facing any legal action. With this and other modern health requirements, industrial filtration services became a necessary function in manufacturing operations, leading to a large surge in the business.

The United States filtration industry is currently worth around $12.4 billion. As more mechanical processes are developed and more factories are built, the demand for industrial filtration solutions is estimated to rise 3.6% every year, eventually leading to an estimated $14.8 billion by 2018. This potential for financial prosperity will attract new entities to specialize in air filtration as well as more qualified workers seeking employment at these establishments, leading to better quality products.

With such a booming market, industrial filters manufacturers will likely have the ability to develop more efficient air filters at reduced costs. With financially reasonable filters available to them, it is inevitable that companies will take advantage of the situation. This will lead to even more businesses turning to industrial filtration companies and more employees operating in safer work environments.