Here’s What You Need to Know About Executive Placement Programs

Job hunting is nothing new, and neither is the seemingly endless amount of work that comes with starting one. Whether you’re a few days or a few months into your job search, there are a number of things you can do to give yourself an edge. One of these is to look into executive search firms, particularly if you have the background and qualifications of a senior level manager.

Also sometimes known as headhunting, search firms provide services to match businesses with the most qualified candidates in their search. A job placement agency might seem very similar, but their job is selling a candidate on different jobs to assist on their end. Executive search firms work on behalf of the companies that hire them, weeding through candidates to find the right match for the position they have open.

So how do these search firms manage that task? Well, they get their information straight from the horse’s mouth. Of 1,400 executives who were recently surveyed by Robert Half, more than one-third believed that poor skills matching leads to a failed hire. This is an important consideration during both the search and recruiting process, which can help firms find the right person for the job. Another popular reason was vague objectives for their position. Not knowing quite what you want to get out of a job or the way to evaluate yourself is a large red flag in upper management positions.

And on the other end, what can these big companies do to make themselves look more appealing to make the recruiting process easier? Taking a look around your office would be a good place to start. Gender and ethnic diversity have been shown to increase performance within a workplace. In addition, more than 80% of companies that use employee recognition programs are considered to have happier workers.

With the rise of the millennial generation in the workplace, also known as the “job hoppers”, it’s more important than ever to use all your resources when you need an essential role in your company filled. So if you’ve been looking and can’t seem to find the right candidates, consider looking into an executive search firm. They may be able to help you.