Having Server Issues? Here’s What May Be the Problem

Whether you’re a large company with cloud servers to maintain, or you’re running a bitcoin farm that is taking up a lot of juice, if you’re having trouble keeping your servers online, a mobile data center container might just be what you need.

If you’ve already got a data center but either it’s failing or is just not enough to handle everything you need, adding a mobile data center container to your setup can help add just what you need to keep everything running in tip-top shape. With it’s more compact design and liquid cooling system, a mobile data center can be an easy addition to an existing computer rack server that won’t overheat, helping keep your servers online through hard times.

According to a recent study, over 65% of all server room malfunctions and failures are due to poor airflow and air conditioning. These babies need to stay cool! That’s why most mobile data center containers use liquid cooling to make sure things don’t head up too much, causing a crash or physical damage. Liquid cooling has made it possible to improve rack density, cooling capacity, as well as opening up design and location options for your server. It also is 25% less expensive in energy costs when compared to proper air conditioning needed for a server room. In fact, switching your entire set up to liquid cooling can save up to 99% of electricity costs. That is an absolutely insane figure.

Servers age quickly, meaning that even if you’re system is only seven years old, it may already be out of date. That’s why keeping up with additions and upgrades is important, as even if a server goes down for just a short period of time, it can have a massive effect on things. For example, if you’re using the server to farm bitcoin, that is valuable time wasted.

Most importantly, the liquid cooling in a mobile data center container is far better for the environment. If you’re concerned about the future of the planet, making the switch to greener options should be a priority.

So how about it? Do you see yourself making the switch to mobile data centers? Share your thoughts and opinions down below, and have a fantastic day.