Getting the Most Out Of Your Email

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Email is still a very popular form of communication among the CyberWorld specially now that sell phones can allow you to see your mail easily. Almost half of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

So, which service should you use? Well the most popular one is still Hotmail followed by Gmail and then Yahoo with outlook and AOL not far behind. Each email service offers unique features although they all have the same goal to help you efficiently communicate with others.

Now, why does emailing still work? Let’s look at the e-commerce side of things.

  1. Email marketing is actually more effective that social media marketing. Part of the reason it still works is because it’s just about the easiest way to reach mobile customers.
  2. They are free for the target audience. People don’t want to have to pay to be advertised to. If marketing is using up their data or text messages, chances are they will be irritated at the company and not even look at their information.
  3. They have a lot of space for content compared to text messages or sometimes even direct-mail. However, a marketing email shouldn’t be very long otherwise the consumer will not continue to look at it but there’s still plenty of room for pictures and images that will catch the eye.
  4. It is very effective for business owners to stay connected to their customers. Consumers will often look for marketing campaign’s from the places they shop the most at.
  5. Digital coupons are much more popular than paper coupons although the physical coupons are not obsolete. However, a good majority of people prefer to keep all their coupons on their cell phone or tablet so they don’t have to carry around those pesky pieces of paper all the time.
  6. This type of digital marketing is very inexpensive it’s also easy but effective. By taking advantage of the Internet, a business can reach a large number of people for a very small rate. New start ups and small business owners find this very helpful as opposed to marketing on the television or radio. Even using the Postal Service can get very expensive.

Now speaking of the business world. How important is your email address? According to a career coach and recruiter, quite important. Using emails that contain drinking or drugs or partying references or sexual references can give off a very bad impression that is unprofessional and not the type of thing an employer is looking for. Even things such as a car or a pet’s name, nicknames, music, places or hobbies should not be in an email address when you are looking for a job. Even if they are not necessarily unprofessional they can make it difficult for the employer if he is doing an email search for you. Instead try using something simple like This is professional, makes your name stand out and helps the employer to be able to find you easily.

Keeping these ideas in mind will help you to take advantage of email services the best way you can. Make it work for you and for your business.