Everything You Need to Know About POE Clocks

Humans have been using timekeeping devices since history began, but constant innovation has always been the rule. We’ve always wanted to keep better, more accurate, and more reliable time. The advent of the internet came a new need for even more accurate timekeeping, and today’s clock systems are advancing rapidly. POE clocks, or Power over Ethernet, re the newest innovation in precisions timekeeping for businesses.

How Does a POE Clock Work?

POE clocks get both their power to run and the data to remain accurate via an Ethernet cable connection to the global internet. This makes them inexpensive to install, as very little wired is needed to make the clock run. The clock doesn’t need to be wired to a local master clock because it gets time directly from the NTP/SNTP server.

What is NTP?

NTP, or Network Time Protocol, is one of the world’s oldest Internet protocols that is still in use today. It has been going since before 1985 and is still being used today. Its purpose is to unite everything on the internet so everything is registering the same, accurate time. This helps with communication and with troubleshooting.

What Are the Strengths of POE Clocks?

One of the best things about using POE clocks is that each is individually connected rather than dependent upon a local master clock. Each is getting information from the network time server, and this means that a problem with one clock won’t affect all the others. A POE network clock is highly reliable.

Users are also able to monitor each of the POE clocks separately and see how strong the signal is back to the network as well as check diagnostic information on the system.

Can POE Clocks be Adjusted?

Sometimes there’s a need to adjust clocks, particular for things like Daylight Savings Time or changing to international time. Most POE clocks can be set to do this automatically, meaning that there’s no need to check and adjust each individual clock by hand.

Who Uses These Clocks?

POE clocks are extensively used by schools, hospitals, corporations, colleges and anyone else working off a central network where accurate timekeeping is essential. The IP system is made to integrate with existing network infrastructure and keep the system synchronized and accurate. The advantage of having a constantly and independently synchronized clock system across an entire business, hospital, or school can hardly be overstated. Clock in and clock out functions, monitoring of network problems, or financial records keeping are all enhanced with perfectly accurate and perfectly synchronized timekeeping.

POE clocks allow corporations and other entities to focus their time and money on what they’re best at, rather than wasting time keeping up with outdated timekeeping methods. They’re made to plug in and keep going for years to come. All it takes is an Ethernet connection and accurate, synchronized timekeeping is a real possibility for everyone.