Demystifying Reseller Programs

Reseller seo

Reseller programs are plans through which manufacturers of products or providers of services market their products or services through agents called resellers. A common online example of reseller programs are SEO reseller programs instituted by companies that specialize in search engine optimization of websites. These companies help websites to get a high rank on search engine indexes so that they are easily visible to internet viewers. They have many SEO packages from basic low cost packages to full service expensive packages and resellers who sign up and become resellers under their reseller programs resell the packages to customers according to their unique requirements and according to their budgets. The program is instituted by the company to find customers. There are two types of resellers. The first type acts as a commission agent and sells packages to customers. The company pays this type of reseller a commission for each package sold by them. The other type of resellers purchase packages from the company and resell it in their name and price. This type is called a private label program. Today getting a high page rank is important for business success because the internet has become the biggest marketplace in the world. Those who choose to become resellers under conventional or private label reseller programs can make a profit through one of the most lucrative online professions today. Read more.