Beneficial Services of an Executive Placement Agency

Executive search consultant services

Do you find that your business is spending too much time on hiring and training? Although some amount of hiring labor is needed for a successful business, spending too much time and resources on it can affect the bottom line of the business. If you are wasting time on this aspect of the business, consider hiring an executive placement agency. An executive placement agency can provide many services to a business of any size.

Maintenance of job pools
Job pools are necessary for constantly employment. The period of time between searching, interviewing, hiring, and training can extend over many months. If you need to fill a position immediately, this process could end up costing you money. When you have a job pool, however, you have potential candidates at the ready. This pool needs to be constantly updated and maintained to ensure it contains only interested and qualified candidates. HR recruiters can be tasked with the maintenance of qualified job pools.

Best search techniques
What do you do if you need a new executive level employee? You likely post an ad on a couple of job sites and wait for the applications to come in. This is a passive method to finding qualified employee candidates. You may end up with great choices, but the process can be very lengthy. When you use an executive placement agency, you are taking a more active role in the hiring process. Executive search consultants have access to the best executive level employees around the world. They will reach out the those they think will be a good fit for the position.

A recent survey by Robert Half showed that one third (36%) of 1,400 executives surveyed felt the top factor leading to a failed hire, aside from performance issues, is a poor skills match. The second most common reason (30%) was unclear performance objectives. When you utilize the services of a human resource staffing agency, you are extending your reach to better qualified candidates with closer job skills matches.

Increase in job satisfaction
The main reason that employees jump from job to job is dissatisfaction. With 2.7 million workers voluntarily leaving their job just at the end of June 2015, employees today care less about money, and more about work happiness. While there are things that an employer can do to improve employee satisfaction, a poor fit will never lead to happiness. Because the executive placement agency puts so much focus on job skills and employee match, the candidate is much more likely to be satisfied in their new position. One of the benefits of expanding your executive search to include international candidates is an increase in overall work happiness.

Increased success rates
The main reason that any company hires a new executive is to produce results. In fact, work success and hiring success are often measured in terms of business and profit increases. When the executive level employee is carefully matched with their place of employment, they are more likely to produce successful results. The human resources outplacement agency also has the advanced skills of choosing executive candidates who have previous successful records. A better hiring decision leads to greater business success.

Executive search firms can offer many benefits to businesses. Because the executive staff of a business is so important to success, careful hiring decisions should be made. Business owners do not always have the time or knowledge to create successful employee and employer matches. Outsourcing the hiring to executive placement agencies can lead to greater business success, fewer wasted resources, an overall increase in job satisfaction, and better employee searches.