3 Wise Reasons to Own Aisle Containment Systems

Data centers help ensure that important information is safely stored. It’s important to consider the power of these centers. In fact, statistics show that a data center’s power density is 100 times more than large commercial office buildings. Consider the energy utilized by data racks, it’s important to make these items as efficient as possible. In this post, you’ll learn what containment systems are and why they’re beneficial.

Utilizing Aisle Containment Systems

It’s important to keep data centers at proper temperatures. These centers utilize large amounts of racks. In turn, data racks utilize large amounts of energy. Therefore, it’s important for data center managers to reduce these costs. Fortunately, containment systems can help minimize costs in data centers. In fact, statistics show that 80% of data centers either use or are looking into installing either cold or hot aisle containment systems in their facilities.

There are two main types of these systems, either hot or cold aisle containment. Both of these containment systems are beneficial. Cold aisle containment systems blow cool air onto one side of your data racks. In turn, this separate hot and cool streams of air. Hot aisle containment systems also separate cool and warm air. In addition, these systems encapsulate hot air from data racks into one location. With that in mind, here are three benefits of utilizing containment systems in your data center.

  1. Reducing Energy Expense

    It’s important to keep a close eye on expenses, especially while managing a data center. If you’re not monitoring energy levels, your expenses could become quite costly. Fortunately, hot and cold aisle containment systems help control temperature variances. In turn, this enables to spend less on energy costs associated with keeping data racks at temperature. This often leads to major savings for a data company.
  2. Longer Lasting IT Equipment

    Statistics show that over 65% of IT equipment problems are due to inadequate air conditioning within server rooms. Data racks that are in constant operation will quickly begin to warm up. If there is a lack of airflow near these racks, they’re likely to overheat. In turn, overheated racks are likely to give out which creates a slew of problems for data center managers. In order to avoid these problems, consider implementing a hot or cold aisle containment system.
  3. Avoiding Humidity Problems

    Another problem to watch out for in data centers is humidity. As warm and cool air mixes, this can create humid conditions within server rooms. If left untreated, excessive humidity can begin to destroy your servers. You’ll have an easier time managing humidity levels after utilizing containment systems.

In closing, aisle containment systems are extremely beneficial in data centers. While managing these centers, there are a lot of metrics you’ll need to monitor. Aisle containment systems help control temperature, energy, and humidity levels. After implementing these types of systems, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your data center.